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Remembering 9/11
Sunday, September 11, 2016
By Rhonda Samuels Photography
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Never Forget - My tribute to 9/11

15 years ago today, our country was changed forever.  We all became witnesses to the hatred that is in this world.  I will never forget where I was and what I was doing that horrible day.  I was glued to the television in shock and disbelief that this was actually happening right here in our country.  To me, things like this just didn't happen here, but now, sadly, this has become our new reality.  


This last October, I had the honor to visit New York and Ground Zero.  It definitely felt like sacred ground.  All those images that I remembered from TV that day came flooding back.  To walk around the reflection pools and see the thousands of names and know that they are someone's mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son, friend, colleague, hero was almost too hard to imagine.  To walk through the 9/11 Museum and see the devastation that took place was overwhelming and emotional.  To watch someone being escorted through the museum, who was there that day, and to watch the emotions on their face brought tears to my eyes.  People were so united after 9/11, but it seems like so many have forgotten which breaks my heart.  My prayer is that all of us who call ourselves Americans, whether we are black, white, or whoever we are, or wherever we came from, would stand together and support each other in love and unity and remember those who are no longer with us because because of someone's hatred.  

Now we have the Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center as a reminder that we don't forget the sacrifices that you made for us that day.  I love that we didn't let those who hate us, and tried to destroy us, also defeat us.  We stand strong against those that hate us and want to bring us down.  We may not defeat them in my lifetime, but rest assured, God will have the last word.  I will never forget.......EVER!!