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Sunday, May 22, 2016
By Rhonda Samuels Photography
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The Fire and Burn Foundation - Hope and Courage Awards

The world sometimes has a twisted view of what a true hero is.  To me it's not a sports figure, pop singer, or an actor.  A true hero is someone who puts others above themselves and risks their own lives everyday to help other people.  A true hero is a soldier, a firefighter, a policeman, a doctor, a nurse, and a normal citizen who cares.

I recently photographed an event at Morongo Casino that was organized by the Fire and Burn Foundation which is based out of Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.  The event was called the Hope and Courage Awards.  These awards were handed out to individuals who risked their lives to help save other people and to those who have suffered a tragedy but came through that tragedy only to use it to help others who may be going through the same thing.  

The recipients of these awards were nominated by different people throughout the community.  They are normal citizens who ran into a burning house to help save a family from sure death.  They are a young boy who saved his nanny from their burning house because he had paid attention to the firefighters lessons of stop, drop, and roll at his school the day before.  They are a  young girl who was burned on her legs when she was younger and grew up to become a counselor at Embers of Hope Burn Camp so that she could help other kids who suffered through the same tragedy that she did.  They are firefighters and policemen who risked their lives to save others from burning and mangled cars.  They are the doctors and nurses who take care of these victims after they arrive at the burn unit and are in store for a long and painful recovery.  They are the individuals who make the Fire and Burn Foundation run so that children have a hope for their future after such a tragedy.  

I am so honored and moved to be able to know these people and to work with the Fire and Burn Foundation and document the wonderful things that they are doing everyday.